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Message from Sharon Tisdale

President of Salem Manor Society

Since the establishment of Salem Manor Nursing Home, Salem Manor Society has endeavored to meet the physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs of its residents in a loving home environment.

The supports required by residents span a great number of areas that include nursing care, dietitian consultation, recreational, social and exercise programs, spiritual care, and the day to day services such as laundry, meal preparation, and personal care assistance. All these activities are respectfully and lovingly delivered with a focus on resident needs.

Sharon Tisdale

Dale Ashley

Gordon Dyck

Wes Hubscher

Ryan Carrobourg

Cheryl Everett

Allan Gronberg

Francine Allan

Kevin McLeod

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The Board of Directors of the Society are a dedicated, passionate group of volunteers that are committed to working together and with Salem Manor Administration to establish the policies, budgets, and programs that might best fulfill the needs and comfort of the residents.  The Board of Directors bring diverse skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to the table as they conscientiously and professionally determine the most beneficial courses of action. The Board of Directors works to make decisions that adhere to the Provincial standards of care and the objectives of the Salem Manor Society.

Salem Manor Society employs over 100 individuals who are committed to providing quality care for Salem Manor residents.  To support the delivery of quality care, Salem Manor Society continues to upgrade technology, renovate the facility and collaborate with staff, family, and community members to achieve the optimal care and outcomes.

Sharon Tisdale

President of Salem Manor Society