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Salem’s COVID-19 blog on how we’re responding to the crisis

How we are supporting our clients, employees and communities

Be Safe: what can you do?

  • Protect Yourself and Others – Follow hand hygiene guidelines: wash hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (if soap and water are not available), avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, coughing etiquette: cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue and proceed to throw out the tissue and wash your hands, get your flu shot, and refrain from visiting if you are ill or have symptoms. We all play a part in slowing the spread of COVID-19.
  • Stay Informed – Information regarding COVID-19 changes daily. Watch for updated communications on COVID-19 subjects such as screening and isolation procedures, recommended prevention activities, travel advisories, etc. by following the Public Health Agency of Canada.
  • Don’t Panic! – There is a lot of misinformation about COVID-19 out there: calm and measured reactions to COVID-19 from all will carry us through this challenge.

June 15, 2020


Hello Everyone,

For families and Staff requiring further information on our Covid – 19 response plan please contact our Administrator.

December 18, 2020

Status Update

Hello Everyone,

Please see attached files for the most recent update.

Dec 18 letter to Families

December Restrictions and Congregate Care – Q and A

November 30, 2020

Status Update

Hello Everyone,

I am writing to update you on our outbreak status.  As of today, we have 17 residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 since my last update, for 23 positive residents to date.   As a key part of our ongoing surveillance strategy, we will continue to test residents every 5 days, with the next swabs being performed on November 30.

Resident’s family doctors have notified families and residents of their positive results.   Some residents are doing well, with no symptoms, while others are now beginning to feel better and improved.  We have a doctor at Salem Manor daily who has also spoken with the family members during their visits to our home.

We are saddened to share that three of our residents who had tested positive for COVID-19 have passed away. We have been in touch with the resident’s families to offer our heartfelt condolences.

We will continue with our infection control practices, including proper PPE protocol, hand hygiene and enhanced cleaning. Residents remain in their rooms where they are receiving their regular care support and engagement with Recreation and Therapy staff. We have worked with our pharmacist, making sure all medications that are required for each individual continue to be administered in line with their care plans, with some compression of non-vital medications at this time.

Meals continue to be served in the rooms. We are providing a menu with a cold lunch during this time, which our dieticians continue to ensure all meal programs meet nutritional needs.  We have had some requests for more variety and our chef is working on accommodating any requests.

We have also had five staff who have tested positive for COVID-19.  They are all isolating at home, are doing well and will be back to work soon, once they recover fully and have met the required quarantine time.  Our staff are supported by their family physicians and we check on them by phone frequently.

These are challenging times, and throughout our home, laughter can still be heard from behind masks and face shields.  Day to day care continues at the highest level possible.  We have added nurses and healthcare aides to help with infection control and care.  Our leadership team remains committed to making sure everyone in our home has what they need, with our resident health and well-being our top priority.

We will continue to communicate regularly with our community. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Take care,

Joy Scott,


November 23, 2020

Status Update

Hello Everyone,

I am writing to update you on our COVID-19 status. As of today, we have six COVID-19 positive Residents. Five are newly diagnosed because of swabbing done on the 20th.

Family doctors have notified families and residents of their positive results.

We will remain on total isolation, as there are cases on both B and C wing.  We have swabbed staff, and thus far have not had a positive case in a staff member.

The staff are working very hard, providing the highest level of care possible to all residents.  I recognize how difficult it is for Residents to be isolated in their rooms for long periods; therefore, we are doing our best to meet emotional needs as well as physical.

I have engaged with AHS, and met with our Chief Medical Lead both for Salem and for the Edmonton zone.  I will continue to update all weekly.  We will have a physician in our home daily, caring for Covid positive residents, in collaboration with their family doctors.

AHS infection prevention control will be coming to provide feedback on our infection control practices tomorrow, and our Nurse Practitioner will visit on Tuesday.  We have many supports to help us help the residents through this outbreak.  Extendicare is also providing supports as needed.

We will be doing another round of swabbing on Friday; this will be our third round for both Residents and staff.  We plan to do this every 5 days to make sure we are capturing any asymptomatic residents early and quickly.

I will continue to update you through Facebook, our website, and email.  Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Thank you and take care,

Joy Scott – Administrator

November 18, 2020

Important Update

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are doing well.  I know this has been a very long and difficult journey and I appreciate the support you have provided the residents, staff and each other.

I am writing to provide an update that we received a positive COVID-19 result for a resident on B-wing.  At this time, the resident is asymptomatic. We have been in touch with their family contacts. As always, if there is a change in the health status of your loved one, we will notify you right away.

On Sunday, we had added heightened safety precautions including putting C-wing on full isolation, after learning a staff member had been in close contact with someone who was positive.  This staff member has been tested, and at this time, we are awaiting their result.

In response to learning of the staff member’s recent contacts as described above, on Sunday afternoon and evening, we swabbed residents from both wings and this is how we detected the positive resident result.

We are now on full isolation on both wings and continue to monitor all residents for any potential symptoms as we await receipt of more swab results for both residents and staff. All residents will take their meals in their rooms and as we follow public health guidelines for outbreak management, residents will have to stay in their rooms.  Staff will be putting on full PPE each time they enter a room and taking it off each time they leave.  In addition, all staff are fully masked when in common areas and are wearing face shields.

We recognize this is concerning to our community. To support our residents during this time, please be assured our teams are connecting with residents to address their emotional needs in addition to continuing to meet the ongoing care needs  each individual resident requires.

I will keep you posted on scheduling and plans for virtual visits as I anticipate an increase in virtual requests. If you have visits scheduled in, our home and you are planning on cancelling or changing to virtual visits, please email   We are monitoring the email closely for updates and changes to visitation requests.

I ask that you forward your questions about the information in this message to me at  and if you requite immediate assistance, please call me at 780-446-9138.

I will update Facebook, our website under our response to Covid-19 and via email for those of you who do not have access to these two web options.  Cecil our Social Worker will reach out by phone to some of you as well.

We are working with Alberta Health Services and Public Health, and our Chief Medical Lead is as well.  We have strong teams and great external supports to help us keep our residents as safe as possible.

Thank you and take care. I know regular updates are extremely important for families during this time, and I will update you regularly as information comes forward.


Joy Scott, Administrator

November 15, 2020


Hello Everyone,

With and abundance of caution, starting this afternoon we will be isolating the residents on C-wing.  We are awaiting the swabbing and results of a staff who was in direct contact with an individual who is positive for COVID-19.   Even though the results are not available right now, we do expect to know by Wednesday or Thursday next week.

We are in “under investigation outbreak status” which means a Staff or Resident has symptoms and has been swabbed.  What I have decided to do, with the support of AHS is to enhance the safety measures beyond what is required in “under investigation status.”

We will have every room on C-wing on isolation.  All who enter the Resident’s rooms will wear full PPE, gown, gloves, mask and shields.  Residents will have to remain in their rooms until we receive the swab results.  We have added extra staff to support Residents during this time.  All Residents and Staff will have asymptomatic swabbing performed.  Results will be communicated to Residents and Families in the event any are positive.

Meals will be taken in the Resident’s rooms on C-wing.  Nursing has spoken with Residents to let them know what is occurring and why.   As part of our Pandemic Outbreak Plan, lunches will consist of a boxed lunch that meets the Resident’s nutritional requirements.  Bed baths will be performed for the duration of the isolation period.  Residents from C-wing will have Salon appointments postponed.

We will continue to have face-time visits for Residents and Families and C-wing Residents will not attend Recreation activities.

I know this message can be upsetting and the reasons can be stressful.  What I want you to know, is we have been preparing for this scenario for many months and I am confident that our leadership team and our care teams are prepared to take the best care of the Resident’s as always.

Please contact me by email – or by phone 780-446-9138 if you have any questions.  You can also reach Deb, our DOC, at or 780-986-8654 ext. 243.  Some of you will hear from Cecil Ali our Social Worker regarding your scheduled visits.

Thank you

Joy Scott, Administrator

October 27, 2020


Hello Everyone,

This morning, we received a letter from Dr. Hinshaw.   We all recognize as does Dr. Hinshaw, the importance of family support in long term care.

Currently, due to the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases and outbreaks in Long Term Care in the Edmonton zone, we have been encouraged by Dr. Hinshaw to reach out to all of you and request that you evaluate your own need, to be physically present in our home at this time.

The goal is to reduce the numbers of people in our home while asking you to assess your own needs as we work together considering our Resident’s physical and mental health requirements in balance with visitation.

Therefore, I am asking that you reconsider the amount of visits you arrange in our home from here forward.

We recommend that you take advantage of the virtual visiting that we have had in place since March.  To book these virtual visits the process remains the same as the in home visits or any cancellations.  Bookings are by phone 780-986-8654 extension 229 and by email,  Monday to Friday from 9am to 3 pm.

As always, please do not visit if you are not feeling well and take ample time to complete the risk assessment part of the screening at the front door.  Wearing a mask while in our home, and in the Resident’s room during a visit, is mandatory.

I appreciate the support we have received to keep COVID-19 from entering our home.  The best we all can do is follow Dr. Hinshaw’s orders and recommendations while we go about our daily lives in the community and appreciating the devastating impact COVID-19 has on our seniors, especially in long term care.

Please reach out to me if you have questions, and thank you for your continued support.


Joy Scott, RN MAL CHE

October 18, 2020


Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well.

At Salem Manor we are currently in “under investigation outbreak status.”  What this means is a resident and or staff has been assessed/screened for COVID-19 symptoms and are awaiting swab results.  We have been under investigation for some time now, as both Resident’s and staff have been swabbed based on the symptoms list.

Visitation:  Dr. Hinshaw has not changed the visitation orders as of today’s date.  What this means is two designated visitors will continue to come into the home to visit, by appointment, on a consistent schedule.  These visits will take place in the resident’s room.  Visitors must remain masked during the visit and while in the Manor.  To book a visit please call 780-986-8654 extension 229 Monday to Friday 9-3 or by email:

Our outdoor visitation has ended because the weather is not conducive.   We appreciate social visiting is very important for everyone and we are currently exploring potential options to accommodate this type of safe visiting.   We have continued to offer FaceTime virtual visits; please book these visits the same way you would visit an indoor visit by calling 780 986-8654 ext. 229 or by email

We really need your help to keep our Resident’s safe.  We all know that COVID-19 has severe outcomes for our seniors.

If you choose to take your loved one off site, families/visitors are now responsible for completing and signing a risk assessment associated with the off site visit. Residents may be required to be isolated in their room or have to wear a mask at all times for a period of time set out by the Medical Officer of Health order; currently it is 14 days.  Meals would have to be taken in the room for the duration of this timeframe.

If you have general care questions as always, please phone the nursing station.  Please refrain from travelling the hallway stopping at the nursing station, when you are visiting; our goal is to reduce contact for the many residents who are free to move throughout our home.   I ask again, that you provide the care team with social distancing space while you are visiting your loved one.

Please refrain from pushing your loved one to the dining room as again there is a lot of traffic and exposure for other residents and staff and social distancing cannot be maintained.

Concerns/Complaints.  We have a process of communicating concerns/complaints that has been in place for some time.  The document is at the front door, and I encourage you to fill it out so we can investigate your concern and respond to you in writing.  If you call Cecil, our Social Worker or Deb our Director of Care, or any of the Leadership team, we will fill out the form with your concern and follow the same process of responding to you.  The same process applies if you call the Nurse with a complaint.

You will receive a copy of the front page of the complaints/concerns document that includes your complaint/concern along with a response from the investigation performed by a member of the leadership team.

Staff break areas:  We have approximately 70 staff at our home per day.  We have a staff room that has been reduced to meet the social distancing order.  Therefore, we have designated the solarium as shared space, with staff having the opportunity to have their breakfast break in the solarium, and opening it up for resident use afterward.  Staff are taking their breaks in various areas that support the social distancing order.

You may notice kitchen staff in the dining room, after resident’s meals are finished and they have left the dining room; staff are having their meal breaks.  They will not be masked so they can eat, and they will remain 6 feet apart. Tables and chairs are sanitized after each use, including staff use.

I appreciate these are very difficult times.  If anyone would have said to me, that families would be arranging visitation by appointment, I would not have believed it, yet here we are.

It will end at some point, and in the meantime, as mentioned above, we need your support to maintain our success.  You can contribute to our success by following the information I have provided here.

It is not acceptable at any time for visitors/family members to intimidate staff, yell at staff or call them derogatory names.  I expect everyone either visiting or working here at Salem Manor to treat others with respect. We must remember our Residents are sensitive to many behaviours, and that they can be affected in a negative way when their loved ones are visibly and verbally upset with their caregivers.

Unannounced Audits:

Monitoring and Licensing Branch – Alberta Government Branch:   We received notice of a complaint regarding the resident room window coverings.  The compliance Branch of Alberta Health conducted an audit.  We have had a plan for replacement of the window coverings since before COVID.  The risk of having anyone but our staff and now visitors enter a resident’s room, was the barrier to ordering the new blinds.  We have now had all the windows measured by the vendor and the blinds are on order.  I will decide based on the situation at hand and my clinical experience, whether it is safe for external installers to be in the resident’s rooms when the blinds arrive in about 6 weeks.  This window covering plan was in place before COVID.  The complaint also included critical incident reporting, for which we are compliant.  Critical incidents are reported to AHS and include severe harm as a result of an incident at a home in Alberta. There were no incident/s that were reportable based on the AHS criteria.   The criteria is clear and we report accordingly where appropriate.

Compliance and Monitoring Branch – Alberta Government

Covid response:  Based on the unannounced audit, as a result of a complaint associated with masking in and glove use in the dining room, we were found to be compliant.  To enhance the COVID response we were asked to post more posters regarding hand hygiene, ensuring labelling of personal items, consistent signage of bath chairs, and signage for residents under the hair dryer to wear masks.  In the event a resident cannot wear a mask, we will reduce the number of residents in the salon, and have that particular resident scheduled at the end of the day.

The report included areas of success: social distancing between tables in the dining room; interactive group activities that residents appear to enjoy; 14 day isolation for new residents and returning residents; staff interactions with residents observed to be respectful and positive; appropriate signage for donning and doffing PPE outside resident rooms on isolation; well developed enhanced cleaning and tracking sheet; creation of a COVID isolation room should the need arise.


We have received delivery of the recliners for the Resident lounges.  There are two for each wing, both are medical grade. The B wing tub room renovation is moving along well.  All workers enter and exit via the exterior doors directly connected to the tub room which has hoarding material all around it.  Once B wing is completed, at the end of November, they will move to C-wing.

We have installed 4 Hepa units with added UV filtration to help filter and purify the air in our home.


Melanie and her recreation team, and the staff will make sure we have some fun and treats for our Residents for Halloween.  The students from East Elementary will not be able to come to the Manor as usual, but Melanie has arranged for a costume parade outside for the residents to watch from indoors.

Family Council: 

We recognize how important our family council is and it has been very difficult to find ways to reconnect.  You can expect to hear from us soon regarding the plan for a virtual family council meeting.

I know the pandemic and everything related to it is very difficult for everyone, we really appreciate your kindness and understanding and we will continue to do our very best to reciprocate.


Joy Scott, RN MAL CHE


September 17, 2020

Order-32 Update: Implementation

Dear Residents, Families, and Care Teams

Dr. Hinshaw has update order 32 which includes Volunteers, Resident outings away from the Home; a new risk based approach.

Volunteers – at this time we will not have volunteers returning to our home.  We will re-evaluate the risk and safety and quality of life for the residents monthly.  We will continue to update all.

Resident outings – Risk based approach: Residents remain at extremely high risk for severe outcomes if they are infected with Covid-19.     Dr. Hinshaw is now recommending a risk based approach, low risk, medium risk and high risk the recommendation is:  if a family chooses to take a resident out and away from the home

  • All Mask at all times
  • 2 meters distance must be maintained between everyone
  • Hand Hygiene frequently
  • Resident health screening upon re-entry to our Home * The Resident will have an assessment and documentation completed twice daily for 14 days by a Registered Nurse.
  • * In the event a Resident attends a large gathering deemed to be HIGH RISK, will require the Resident to be quarantined for 14 days upon return. ** See definitions of RISK levels below.


There will be an open discussion with the operator regarding risk of unknown exposure during the outing, and the operator will determine the required safety precautions which could include 14 day quarantine.

Examples at Salem to meet the order: 

Low- infrequent or selective outings where distance is maintained masks are continuously worn by the Resident and everyone involved in the outing.   Eg:  An outdoor walk to Telford Lake.  This outing will now also require twice daily symptoms checks that includes temperature and RN assessment for 14 days after every outing.

This means, each time a resident goes off site the assessments (symptoms checks) occur for 14 days and there is the possibility of a 14 day quarantine based on the outcome of the assessments.

Medium Risk – the Resident will have to continuously mask for 14 days while in the facility, while out of their room.  There are extremes between High and Low risk of exposure.  It is up to Salem Manor to determine the level of risk of exposure while the resident is out.   Small gatherings outside of Salem Manor would include family birthdays, bar-b-ques for example.   Based on our assessment of risk, in collaboration with the family and resident, along with symptom assessment, will determine if masking as above will be required for 14 days.

High Risk – When a resident and family/visitor is not following the recommended low and medium safety precautions including masking, hand hygiene and physical distancing at all times while out of the Manor.   Those who attend large gatherings with known or unknown people or using public transportation.   If high a risk outing is undertaken the resident will be quarantined for 14 days upon return to the Manor.

Under investigation status:  this means the Manor has one Resident or one Staff who have been assessed and meet the criteria for further investigation, including swabbing and isolation.

Staff are to call in if symptomatic and do not attend work.  Residents will be isolated in their room during the investigation. Once the swab returns with a negative result and symptoms are gone, the “under investigation” status is removed as guided by public health.  For Salem Manor we have been under investigation multiple times since March.  Posters are in key areas indicating the “under investigation” status.

In the event a COVID-19 outbreak is confirmed by Public Health, all families, residents and staff will be notified promptly via the website, we will also email, and telephone.

Visitors: The most recent order and our process:

  1. Call 780-986-8654 ext 229 to book both indoor and outdoor visits
  2. We are available to book appointments from Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm.
  3. Email is also available to book visits at:
  4. Responses to Email requests will also be Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm
  5. Please provide your desired day and time to visit
  6. We are staggering the appointment times to accommodate the flow at the front door and to reduce visitors having to stand outside. We can accommodate two designated visitors inside being screened with maximum two designated visitors in the porch and others 6 feet apart outside the door.
  7. Per the order, consistent visits is recommended. For example every Tuesdays at 11:00.  Keeping in mind the same designated 2 visitors only.
  8. We will do our best to accommodate your desired times, our limitations are related to numbers in our home at one time. To date we have had good success in accommodating requests.

For indoor visits screening continues to take place at the front door.  For outdoor visits, as usual, entry is at the back and 4 visitors remains.

We are noticing fewer outdoor visits being booked and we anticipate these will end because of the weather getting colder.

High touch cleaning in Residents rooms will now occur 3 times daily. This includes cleaning items like remote controls, light switches, door handles, and hand rails.


Joy Scott, Administrator

July 24, 2020

Important: Visitation

Dear Families and Friends,

Our first two days of visits have gone well, thank you for your patience and for following all of the guidelines.

We have everyone that requested visits this weekend recorded.  In order to help us manage the medical officer of health order for designated visitors, please email for next week and future visits if you have not already scheduled them.

A Registered Nurse will continue to greet visitors at the front door for health screening, hand hygiene and masking.

Thank you,

Joy Scott (Administrator)

July 23, 2020

Visitation Updates

Hello Salem Manor Families and Friends,

As many of you know, our Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Hinshaw, presented a new order regarding visitation in care settings starting Thursday, July 23.
These visits are now indoor as well as outdoor. For indoor visits 2 designated adult visitors may come and visit, and for outdoor up to 4 visitors may attend. Visitors cannot move from indoor to outdoor or vice versa on the same visit time.
Physical distancing is still very important for everyone. Outside visits do not require masks as long as the physical distancing occurs. If comforting by touch is desired, all parties wear a mask and hand hygiene is practiced before and after.
As you will see from the attached document from the Alberta Government, there are processes we will implement to maintain the safety of everyone.
We met with the care teams on July 17th, to gather feedback on how best to support everyone during this new visitation process. We also had the opportunity to speak with some families, and we will be meeting with Residents on Monday.

Our Process

We will start with indoor visits at 10:00 am ending at 7 pm to start with this first week and will re-evaluate how this works for everyone afterward. The goal is to maintain physical distancing while considering the daily routines of our Residents and space in our home.
We are working on communicating with you and recording your preferred visit days. Establishing a consistent schedule is also part of the order. Indoor visits will take place in the Resident’s room; therefore, there may be times we ask you to wait in the room if your loved one is in the dining room for a meal or going to the dining room for a meal.
As per the order, for indoor visits up to two designated adult visitors are allowed. Screening, Hand Hygiene and Masking will take place at the front door. At that time, a risk assessment will also be provided to you by a staff member, based on the criteria set out by the Alberta Government. This information can also be found on the attached document.
For outdoor visits, we will also request your desired visit schedule. We have 3 covered areas to facilitate these visits for a total of 4 visitors per Resident. Visiting outdoors will continue to be accessed from the outside gate behind the Manor and on to the courtyard.

Our site contact is Deann Bennett. Deann will be able to answer your questions regarding the above information and Orders including next steps for providing us your desired visit type and days you would like to come. We will ask when you call Deann, that you provide us the names of your 2 designated visitors unless your loved one has already done so. You will then be connected with our scheduler to record your requested visiting times.
Because there are no time limits on your visit, our scheduler will be able to advise you when it might be best to come to avoid overcrowding or line-ups, particularly for outside visits. Please keep in mind as well, that your loved one’s care needs must be considered both before visiting and during the timeframe of your visit.
Deann can be reached at 780-986-8654 ext. 251 from 8:00 am to 4:15 pm Monday to Friday, starting Monday, July 20.

We will get through this together.

Covid-19 is in our presence now as much as it was several months ago. Everyone’s safety is our priority as always and especially since the virus became known to us. We have worked hard to maintain stringent infection prevention and control measures during this time as well.
We ask that you follow the direction of our health care teams as they guide you through our home, while maintaining infection prevention and control for your safety, the Resident’s safety and the staff’s safety. Hand hygiene and masking are two key components of this as well as physical distancing.
During your indoor visit we ask if you need a restroom, to use the designated public washroom in the recreation area only. Please refrain from using the Resident’s bathroom.
In the interest of everyone’s safety, please do not stop to visit with Resident’s who you are not designated to visit with. Remember, Resident’s will not be masked as they go about their day-to-day routines, but you must be. Please remain in your loved one’s room during your visit.
Please exit promptly and refrain from touching surfaces as much possible during your visits
The Leadership team and Care team are here to help you navigate this new way of coming to your loved one’s home. If you have concerns, there are Concerns Resolution forms at the Front Door, and upon your exit we ask that you take one home, fill it out, and bring it back on your next visit. We will review your concern, investigate and provide a response/resolution in writing for you. We will also be available for teleconferencing if required to resolve any issues.
These are challenging times, kindness and patience have gotten through a lot over the last several months as our Residents and staff have adjusted to many changes at our home as well as the staff managing personal situations. I ask that you maintain social distancing from the care team and to help us to maintain our caring approach for everyone during any interactions including when you are provided with guidance regarding the orders and safety.
We are extremely happy for our Resident’s that you, their loved ones will come and see them. We are happy to see you as well, and I ask that if you have questions after your visit regarding care routines or your loved one’s personal items that you call the nursing station from home, rather than approaching the nursing station, where other Residents may be present.

Thank you,

Joy Scott (Administrator)

June 25, 2020


Hello to our Salem Manor Families!

It has been a very long road to where we are now.  In the last 16 weeks, we all have experienced an incredible amount of change and uncertainty.

Inside our home the Residents and Staff have adapted to a new type of normal, while always looking forward to the day we return to our gatherings and celebrations with families, volunteers and visitors.

Our outdoor visits have been well attended, and our Residents enjoy the outdoor time with their essential visitors.

We must continue to maintain the Medical Officer of Health orders for the visits, including visitors, signing in, performing hand hygiene, wearing a mask at all times and maintaining 6 feet of personal distance from each other and the Resident.  We appreciate you supporting the staff who facilitate the visits as they communicate these safety measures to you upon arrival and during the visit.

We are monitoring all Residents closely for symptoms of COVID-19 as well as changes in their emotional wellbeing.  Asymptomatic swabbing for Covid19 has been completed for those Residents who consented. Results are pending.   We will be sure to connect with families regularly and in the event of any changes in a Resident’s condition, physical or emotional.

We will continue to do our best with face-time visits and outdoor visits until we have direction otherwise from the Medial Officer of Health.

We have recently been audited for COVID-19 compliance by Alberta Health; a copy is attached

Thank you for your support and understanding.  “Be calm, be kind, and be safe” Dr. B. Henry

Joy Scott Administrator

May 4, 2020


Welcome Back Salem Manor Families!

As many of you have heard, the Chief Medical Officer of Health has opened up outdoor visitation to one essential visitor and one guest to homes like ours.

We have planned to begin visits here on Thursday, May 7.

Per the CMOH Order, visits will consist of one Essential visitor and 1 guest.   The Resident or the Alternate decision maker determine who the Essential Visitor is.  Visits will be for 30 minutes.

Our Social Worker will be calling you to begin the process of determining if you wish to come and visit your loved one outside.  From there you will connect with Brooke, our Recreation Therapist to have a scheduled day and time.

Brooke our Recreation Therapist can be reached at  If you have spoken to Cecil our Social Worker already and you wish to visit and you meet all the criteria, please email Brooke to obtain a day and time.  You cannot visit without being scheduled first.

  • Cancellations will occur if inclement weather occurs. Some appointments will be made on short notice as a result.
  • Visits will take place behind the Manor in the Courtyard at 45 street. Take 46 Avenue to 45 street to access the courtyard.  You will enter through the gate and be escorted to your loved one.  You will not enter the Manor and you cannot visit with other residents or family members.
  • Masks are to be worn for the whole visit- preferably bring your own, as our supply of masks are required for each staff all shifts.
  • Social distancing must be maintained for all, during the whole visit.
  • Please do not bring any items for your loved one, to be safe. Please do not come if you are unwell.

Thank you,

Joy Scott – Administrator

April 10, 2020

Letter to Families

Dear Salem Manor Families,

I am writing to let you know we all miss you. I also want you to know that our daily routines have been maintained, including personal care, mealtimes, exercising and activities.

We have dedicated staff in all departments adjusting to the changing requirements to keep everyone safe. We are working closely with our supports at Alberta Health Services (AHS), Pubic Health, and Extendicare and following their directives.

Some of the changes we have implemented include:

  • Adding tables to the dining room to promote personal distance between residents. Our dining room tables now stretch into the chapel in our efforts to have two residents seated at a table.
  • We have enhanced screening of all staff, each shift, that includes temperature checking. We have also increased temperature checks and monitoring of all residents.
  • Any essential visitors, including doctors, are screened and have temperature checks.
  • Our front door remains locked, and I thank you so much for support during this very difficult visitation restriction policy. We continue to have all small deliveries of supplies, left in the porch.
  • All environmental cleaning has been enhanced since early March. All high touch surfaces are cleaned several times per day and all resident laundry is being done at the Manor.
  • Recreation is busy keeping things as up to date as possible on the Facebook page. You will see a photo on Facebook that shows the intentional distancing between residents as they watch a virtual tour. Brooke is also providing virtual visits between families and residents, using an iPad dedicated to this purpose. Recreation has done their best to make up for the lack of external entertainers coming to the Manor.
  • The bunnies are growing and soon you may see a photo on Facebook to keep up with them too.

As we approach Easter Weekend, I recognize how tough it is to be distanced from family. Our staff are also experiencing the same difficult circumstances away from work, so we understand how hard this is.

Pastor Dieter will continue to provide spiritual support, hymn sing and church on Sundays. Given the current situation, we have made changes to these services as well. Church and Hymn sing will now take place in the recreation area and we will be limited to 15 Residents at a time to maintain personal distance between residents. Pastor is also providing spiritual offerings to staff on Wednesday afternoons if they choose to attend.

Please know we are doing our very best to look after your loved ones. Our teams are exceptional, and I am so proud of how dedicated they all are, especially during this very challenging time. I’d like to thank you for your commendations that keep our staff going – your kind words are more important now than ever.

I will continue to keep in touch as best I can. If ever you wish to contact me, or anyone on the team, please do.

Take good care of yourselves and we will continue to do the same for your loved ones.


Joy Scott – Administrator

March 15, 2020

Important! Message from the Administrator

As of March 15 Our home is restricted to Essential Visitors only.

This restriction comes at the direction of the Alberta Public Health Chief Medical Officer.
Doctors, Ambulance attendants and our AHS Nurse Practitioner will continue to visit.
We will arrange visitation for immediate family in the event a Resident is imminently at the end of life.
We are taking this direction seriously, our Residents well being is a primary concern.
We are planning ways to connect with families virtually, using technology and systems like FaceTime and Skype. You can also visit our Facebook page for pictures and updates on activities in our home.


Joy Scott – Administrator